My online and face-to-face delivered bespoke training is aimed at those wishing to: 

  • develop global agility in the ever changing world (VUCA)

  • gain a better understanding and form closer relationships with their culturally diverse partners, clientele, and local communities

  • foster the engagement and enthusiasm of their workforce by deepening its cross-cultural awareness

  • understand the impact of culture on work-related interactions for a more inclusive leadership 

  • increase the chances of their academic/ professional success in the UK 

  • upskill in their commercial ability to perform in the UK market

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For effective communication across cultures

For successful integration in the UK for both academic and professional excellence

For international companies working on/with the UK market

For effective expansion in the UK market through a strategic sales cycle


Global agility and intercultural competence

The acronym VUCA, standing for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, was first introduced after the Cold War to ‘describe a new emerging type of warfare’ and today, it reflects the reality of the globalised world (Codreanu). Whereas ‘complexity’ has been linked with increased mobility of people around the globe resulting in societal changes or simply the burning of frontiers via the intensive use of technology, along with diversity of mental patterns, 'ambiguity' refers to the lack of clarity about how to interpret something - the world now speaks English, but what kind of English? I see any language as a 'tool', and culture as a 'manual' that guides you how to use that tool. In the VUCA world, it often feels like we're using the same tool but in a completely different way!

Intercultural training aims to address these communication challenges. Through an enhanced awareness, knowledge and skills, we can navigate better through today's multifaceted working environment. 


Communication in the UK: work and study

Aimed and those wanting to develop understanding of UK’s work and academic culture in order to become more effective (and happier!) when working and studying in the UK and doing business with the UK.

Learn more about the cultural drivers and thus communication etiquette and working working practices of the UK which will enable you to integrate faster in the British work and academic environment and communicate more effectively with your English peers and customers. 


Grow your business in the UK

You might have heard that 'people buy people' and that entrepreneurship and the ability to sell are generic and non-culture specific and it's true in many ways. Culture, however, might slightly alter the sales cycle by those subtle differences that make all the difference.

In collaboration with Bob Spence, a recognised international sales authority, we developed training material that will help your business flourish internationally by upskilling in​ sales

both face-to-face and remotely.

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