Multicultural Team

Aim: To enhance more effective communication and smoother interaction within a multicultural team

Learning outcome: Promoting efficient teamwork

For whom: Multinational teams incl. British team members

The way we communicate is embedded in our culture. Different cultural backgrounds create a platform for misunderstandings within a team. This course promotes openness and flexibility. During the interactive session, the participants will be given a chance to reflect upon their own culture to encourage empathy and to promote better group dynamics. They will also develop strategies for more effective communication and smoother interaction.

Topics covered:
  • what is culture / types of culture / intercultural communication
  • barriers to intercultural communication (attitude, perception, stereotypes, interpretation, culture shock)
  • verbal and non-communication (eye contact, body language, body language, turn talking, touch)
  • time, space, power
  • other issues specific to your organisation

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