Doing business in the UK

Aim: To develop understanding of UK’s work and business culture

Learning outcome: More effective working with the British

For whom: Non-British working in the UK, Non-British doing business in the UK

During the interactive session, the participants will be given a chance to learn more about work etiquette of Great Britain and develop strategies to deal with the challenges. It enables the participants to integrate faster in the British work environment and communicate more effectively with their English peers and customers. They will also be given a chance to reflect upon their own culture to encourage empathy. The participants will be encouraged to talk about their experiences and ask questions.

(initial contact, relationship building, negotiations, business communication)

Topics covered:
  • Cultural awareness when working in the UK
  • Barriers to smooth communication (attitude, perception, stereotypes, interpretation, culture shock)
  • Working in the UK: core values, management, communication, working practices

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