Speak Culture provides bespoke, individualised training for cultural awareness and communication. My training develops knowledge and understanding of contemporary cultural issues when working in different business environments. I can provide a tailored insight into UK business culture, alongside tried and tested techniques for working and communicating across cultural borders. The in-house cultural awareness training is constructed to focus on practicality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. The benefits of such training are suited to individuals, teams and those in management and leadership roles whose work encompasses international communication. Cultural awareness training can further be incorporated into a high-potential development or structured management development programme.

Multicultural team

Aim:  To improve streamlined and effective communication within a multicultural team.

Learning outcome:  Promoting efficient teamwork

For whom: Multinational teams incl. British team members

Managing cultures

Aim: To enhance leading and managing multicultural teams

Learning outcome: Measures identified by the team leaders in areas that need to be improved

For whom: British managers, team leaders

Doing business in the UK

Aim: To develop understanding of UK’s work and business culture

Learning outcome: More effective working with the British

For whom: Non-British working in the UK, Non-British doing business in the UK

Working in the UK (Induction Training)

Aim: To promote faster integration in the British work environment and communicate more effectively.

Learning outcome: A change in confidence and more effective working.

For whom: Non-British newcomers, Non-British team members already working in the UK.

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It was very interesting and eye opening how much work is left to fully understand another culture.

(attendee of the workshop for teams, Cambridge 2017)


This was something new I had never heard about before. It brings an important aspect to take into consideration for all our interdisciplinary and multicultural work.

(attendee of the workshop for engineers, Cambridge 2018)


When you work abroad, study the culture, when you get upset about something, think about what the other person is thinking.

(attendee of the workshop for teams, Cambridge 2017)


As a British national working for many years in a large global technology company, I have learnt how challenging and important it is to embrace cultural diversity in the workplace. I would highly recommend this module to every engineer regardless of their nationality. It was great to be able to listen and contribute to the discussion with such a broad range of perspectives and cultures.

(attendee of the workshop for engineers, Cambridge 2016)