Supporting your through both mentoring and coaching

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Certified by the University of Cambridge, I believe that a combination of mentoring and coaching is the answer whether you want to

further the awareness acquired from group training into a full personal development plan,

develop a language and framework for discussing personal development requirements when working across cultures,


support leadership development on an individual level

Benefits of coaching could include:

  • An increased level of motivation that translates into better personal and professional satisfaction

  • Improved performance by getting more flexibility through enhanced self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Better teamwork and influencing (leadership, salesmanship) abilities

  • Acquiring of a new skill (e.g. a foreign language) 

Focus on goals and a holistic approach are my core coaching values on which I leaver to enable commitment to real change. I’m convinced that transformation happens through realistic achievable targets and excitement in the learning process. 

I’m also certified in the International Profiler (TIP™) - a strategically designed tool that helps people to breach the cultural wall that so often hinders success when working interculturally. People who complete the process will become more self-aware and will be able to adopt behavioural strategies appropriate for the particular intercultural context that they are currently working in – or that they will be working in. It is a personal development process, based on a self-assessment psychometric questionnaire resulting in a detailed personal feedback report. 

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