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Kasia Lanucha

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Speaking the same language does not guarantee flawless communication... The hurdles we all encounter are often linked to differences caused by national, organisational, professional, generational and finally personal clash of values. 

With my background in linguistics, I've realised a long time ago that true understanding is the result of understanding how people think which reaches far beyond the good old language learning (which is still a pre-requisite). I've started seeing a common language as a tool we all share, but manual of how to use it effectively is provided by culture.

Speak Culture is the result of my first-hand experience of seeing flourishing business relationships and improved academic performance through greater appreciation of the cultural layers we all have. 

Much of my ability to understand cultural struggles comes from personal experience, having been born and brought up in Poland, studied and worked in Germany, and finally settling in the UK, where I get culturally shocked every day by my own children! The culture clash is also present at work when I'm switching between the academia and corporate training which presents many challenges in terms of expectations of what 'good training' is. The most recent challenge is, of course, dealing with the remote delivery style and generational differences in interpersonal interactions and preferred learning styles that have never been so obvious.

And as much as I believe that understanding of different groups and their shared values, at the end of the day we are all different! Understanding the importance of self-awareness and preferred working style of an individual is therefore critical in becoming interculturally competent (whatever culture we're dealing with!).


I have delivered intercultural training and coaching at all levels of domestic and international companies, both face-to-face and online.


I draw from my experience from working at the University of Cambridge where I support students and staff through training and coaching.


  • MA in Languages and Culture, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

  • Certificate in Coaching, University of Cambridge

  • The International Profiler, Accredited Consultant

  • Strengthscope, Accredited Consultant

  • Business Culture Trainer, International House London

  • LinkedIn

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