I work closely with individuals and organisations

working with or within the UK by helping them form meaningful cross-cultural relationships

Speak Culture is an Intercultural Competence Training provider based in Cambridge

I help individuals and organisations

Who are trying to grow their business in the UK

Who employ diverse workforces in the UK

Who serve diverse communities in the UK

Benefits Of Intercultural Communication Training

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Gain a better understanding and form closer relationships with your diverse clientele, patients, students and local communities.

Staff Retention

Learn not only how to recognise and understand the challenges that newcomers may face, but also how to speed up the process of integration.

New Business Opportunities

Business culture is more than just a common language. Increase your chances of success in the UK by learning about, and adapting to, its subtleties.

Increased Employee Motivation

Foster your workforce's engagement and enthusiasm by deepening its cross-cultural awareness.

Workforce Efficiency

Understanding of the impact of culture on work-related interactions can greatly improve the way a manager leads culturally diverse teams. It can also lead to new ways of encouraging creativity and communication within the team, not to mention many possible financial benefits to the organisation.

Improve Your Skills

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Individuals going to work in a different country often rely only on their language and hard, easily transferable skills to make it a success. However, research suggests that there are some soft skills, such as cultural sensitivity and self-awareness, that are paramount in any international activity.

The challenge that companies face is real too. I know that two in five businesses in the UK claim that a lack of cultural understanding has created a barrier to growth [link]. To meet this challenge I provide my clients with bespoke tools and solutions that improve not only their understanding of other cultures but of themselves.

The quality of my service comes from more than mere research and models – it comes from my personal experience. Being a foreigner myself, I have successfully integrated into the British social and business life. This gives me a unique perspective of the field of intercultural communication, as well as a deeper understanding of my clients’ needs and the flexibility required to meet them. I have lived, and still live, the story I tell.


The cultural awareness workshop I attended was like an eye opener – I now believe that this is very beneficial to any international business. I have applied some of this knowledge in my company and started seeing positive effects straight away


Kasia has an exceptional grasp of social theory especially in the area of cross culture. This skill set has impact on all parts of selling & negotiation. If you are importing or exporting from Central Europe you may accidentally be under-performing due to lack of hidden cross cultural skills. Her presentation skills are 1st class & her interaction in the class room is to a PLC level.


Katarzyna offers vivid perspectives in understanding cultural differences in her lecture. Her analysis into subtle connotations in different cultures especially in the English culture results from years of research and keen observation. Her lecture is infused with interesting comparisons, observations and stories. She made English cultural tangible and digestible to students. She is one of the best-liked lecturers in our programme.


The seminar ‘Doing Business in the UK’ was professional and very engaging. I am sure that everything I learned will be helpful for running my business in the UK.


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